The Revolutionary 360˚LED light

Wandlite is the “All Round tube Light”, a unique, patented, 360°, low cost, light-weight, waterproof, long lasting and eco-friendly light source.

Wandlite’s hugely versatile; perfect for exhibition and retail displays, and off-grid illumination.

Wandlite can be used in many markets to provide cheap, clean, eco-friendly lighting:

exhibition & display, events, retail, agriculture, horticulture, caravan, camping, outdoor,

home, office, public transport, and many more.

Features & benefits:

• CE certified

• 360 degree LED tube light

• 70,000 hours life

• 6000 Kelvin

• 1.5 amps per metre

• 23.8 watts per metre

• CE certified

• Waterproof and dustproof to IP65

• With special end cover IP66



• Eco-Friendly

• Works with many power sources

• British designed & manufactured

• Worldwide patent protection

• Lightweight & portable

• Virtually unbreakable

• Can be produced in any length from 250mm to 2400mm

• Can be supplied in an RGB version

• Powered by vehicle batteries no longer fit for purpose

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A virtually unbreakable, non-glass, bright white light, just what you’ve been looking for!