A Virtually unbreakable, non-glass, bright white light,

just what you've been looking for!

Exhibition building & display graphics was the industry that inspired the invention of the Wandlite system, which was calling out for a robust, bright, white 360 degree light for display and illumination purposes.

No other LED tube light coming close to offering the benefits that Wandlite brings. It was invented by the inventor of T3; the world-leading aluminium ‘twist-lock’ exhibition & display system.

Bright, white, 360 degree lighting that is also lightweight, durable & portable has always been an issue in the exhibition, display & signage industry – especially with the increase in the production of light boxes and textile backlit displays, counters, towers, plinths and other structures.

Wandlite is engineered and made in the UK, meets all EU manufacturing standards and is waterproof and dustproof to IP66 (with specially designed end covers), making Wandlite probably the most flexible LED tube light on the market today.

Want your own branded Wandlite? No problem.

All plastic parts can be colour branded to suit your corporate colours.

The Wandlite LED tube is also available in RGB multicolour lights.

Available in all standard lengths, the multi-coloured Wandlite tube works off a controller unit which can be set to timer and flash mode.

The multi-coloured Wandlite LED tube can also be made to order in bespoke lengths for a truly unique solution.

Features & benefits:

• CE certified

• 360 degree LED tube light

• 50,000 hours life

• 6000 Kelvin

• 1.5 amps per metre

• 23.8 watts per metre

• CE certified

• Waterproof and dustproof to IP65

• With special end cover IP66



• Eco-Friendly

• Works with many power sources

• British designed & manufactured

• Worldwide patent protection

• Lightweight & portable

• Virtually unbreakable

• Can be produced in any length from 250mm to 2400mm

• Can be supplied in an RGB version

• Powered by vehicle batteries no longer fit for purpose









A virtually unbreakable, non-glass, bright white light, just what you’ve been looking for!