& back up Lighting

Emergency and back up lighting

The Wandlite LED tube light solves the problem of emergency and back up lighting in an elegant solution. With energy prices spiralling out of control and the threats of black-outs on the way,

Wandlite is safe to use and offers 360 degree bright lighting, far superior to torches and 100%

safer than candles and, of course, gives a more usable light than a torch or LED lamp.

The Wandlite LED tube light can be kept on charge, ready for when it’s needed, either using a

re-chargeable battery, 12v lead battery or solar panel for a truly environmentally friendly solution.

Features & benefits:

• CE certified

• 360 degree LED tube light

• 70,000 hours life

• 6000 Kelvin

• 1.5 amps per metre

• 23.8 watts per metre

• CE certified

• Waterproof and dustproof to IP65

• With special end cover IP66



• Eco-Friendly

• Works with many power sources

• British designed & manufactured

• Worldwide patent protection

• Lightweight & portable

• Virtually unbreakable

• Can be produced in any length from 250mm to 2400mm

• Can be supplied in an RGB version

• Powered by vehicle batteries no longer fit for purpose

A virtually unbreakable, non-glass, bright white light, just what you’ve been looking for!